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Jun 02

Solar Oven – Take It With You And Cook From The Sun

solar oven for outdoor use

It’s always exciting when an old idea gets a fresh update. People have been cooking with the Sun’s energy for years, but the SolSource Sport takes the cumbersome and slow Solar Oven concept, and adds turbo boosters! Now you can cook, grill, steam, boil and even pressure cook, using the lightweight SolSource Sport anywhere and …

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May 23

World’s top scientists: California & nations must act now on environment

Responding to a challenge by California Gov. Jerry Brown, more than 500 of the world’s top global change scientists have outlined the main environmental issues – from climate change to pollution and population growth – that policy makers must address immediately to avoid an approaching global tipping point. Gov. Jerry Brown discussing Earth’s tipping point …

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Sep 18

Solar Power For Your Home – Warnings You Need to Know

Mac Reddmond asked: With energy rates increasing more and more, people are looking for new ways to provide power to their homes. One option many are looking into is solar power. I know I looked into it myself, but I found out there’s good and bad in everything. I’ll get into that in a second …

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Apr 17

Fueling Change – A Biodiesel Documentary – Part 1 of 2

earthconcept asked: Fueling Change A DOM documentary about the benefits of biodiesel. Directed by Tony Shawcross DenverOpenMedia.org This video was shown at the Mixed Bag Festival presented by Earth Concept. EarthConceptInc.com Solar power

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Jan 20

Amazing Lecture Series On Energy Of The Future

I got turned onto this great resource for lectures all about the future of energy. I have clipped a few out of the list of 100 Amazing Lectures for you to check out. Learn about different types of energy solutions, including wind, solar and geothermal energy. 1. Achieving U.S. Energy Security Through Energy Diversity: As …

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Aug 02

Is energy conservation a worthwhile pursuit?

Shadow Knight asked: Some partisans rejected calls to celebrate “Earth Hour” by turning off their lights and electrical equipment. Instead they celebrated “Human Achievement Hour and tried to use as much energy as possible. Was that a sensible course of action? Is the goal of energy conservation and improved efficiency worth making sacrifices to achieve? …

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Sep 17

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power – Revealed

Madison Greene asked: With a new emphasis on alternative energy, it is no wonder people all over are starting to use the benefits of solar power. It is certainly an everlasting energy source, as long as there is the sun, there will be available solar power. One advantage of this alternative power is that it …

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Sep 04

What Is Solar Power – Your Questions Answered

Milton Barnes asked: Basically, solar power is energy that is actually harnessed from the sun. Although the sun is millions of miles away from earth, if we had the ability to harness all the energy coming from the sun, there is more than enough power there to provide all the energy we need for the …

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Aug 27

Solar Energy (pakistan Base)

Farooq Raza Qadri asked: “SOLAR ENERGY”   Today in Pakistan we are facing shortage of almost every basic need of life like water, gas, and especially electricity. It is the worst conditions we are facing now a days. The reason for that is…well we all know “THE REASONS” don’t we!!! Few days back I was …

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