Mar 04

Why Go Hydro?

Energy By Water is the latest advancement in the field of power generation. Deep inside its mechanics, the product works on the principle of Hydropower systems. A hydropower system uses water to generate electricity. But why use water? What about other alternative sources of energy? Why are we inclined towards renewable energy systems at all?

Let’s try to dig into these questions.
Natural gas and petroleum are primary sources of electricity. Conventionally, fuel is burnt to propel steam turbines, which in turn generates electricity. This is the most commonly used method for generating electricity around the world. The reason for its wide rang popularity is its reliability and productivity. However, with fuel prices increasing on a never-ending curve, people are looking for new methods that DO NOT REQUIRE FUEL. Energy By Water is just the solution for them.
Renewable energy refers to energy that comes from natural resources like wind, sunlight, water and geothermal heat. Since there is an exhaustible supply of these resources, these are called “renewable” energy sources. These sources use methods that do not require fuel for producing electricity and therefore are generally cheap as compared to their traditional counterparts. This is the main reason that people and governments are getting more and more interested in employing these efficient methods in the power generation sector. This can be seen clearly from 2007 to 2009 report which says that there has been an increase of 44% in renewable energy projects in these two years.

Why Not Wind?
Wind energy is one of the oldest sources of renewable energy. Wind moves turbines and turbines generate electricity. Commercial turbines can usually produce up to 3 Megawatts of electricity. The problem is that such a system requires wind moving at least at a speed of 60 miles per hour. Such speeds necessitate large, unconfined areas, or coastal areas.

Why Not Solar?
Solar systems are comparatively a new finding. It’s not as productive as wind systems but still lends some hand in the total power production. Solar panels absorb heat from the sun and convert it to electricity. The system has a few limitations. Since, sun is not up 24 hours a day, it is not a comprehensive solution. Moreover, the technology is yet going through a development stage and is really expensive at the moment.

Why Hydro?
Energy By Water saves your day. It answers all the challenges faced by other methods of renewable energy. Its most distinctive feature is that it uses water to power the engine. Water is a natural resource that is ubiquitous and is available 24\7 throughout the year. Other advantages include:
Fuel-Less and Cost-Less: Since Energy By Water is fueled by water, it is free to use.
Requires Less Space: The generator does not require a large area as required in the case of windmills. You can install it near your house.

Reduced Installation Cost: Energy By Water is a micro hydro system and it does not require a huge investment for installation.

Eco-Friendly: Since it eats up no fuel, it doesn’t exhaust either.

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