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Jul 12

Solar Powered Water Purification

WORLDWATER & SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES, INC. HELPS KEEP THE U.S. MILITARY READY FOR ANY DISASTER RELIEF AND REMOTE DEPLOYMENT Solar-powered technology provides lifesaving clean water and energy for emergencies, wartime and disaster relief MiDAS™ kit being deployed by air. (Princeton, NJ – June 19, 2017) WorldWater & Solar Technologies, the solar technology company based in Princeton, NJ designs and …

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Apr 08

Victory Bonds For Clean Energy?

CLEAN ENERGY VICTORY BOND PUSH IN CONGRESS WOULD GENERATE $150 BILLION IN FINANCING, 1 MILLION JOBS Updating WWII “War Bond” Model to Spark Job Creation, Energy Security, Clean Energy, and Increased Energy Efficiency WASHINGTON, D.C.///April 8, 2014///Clean energy boosters on Capitol Hill are borrowing a page from World War II “war bonds” by introducing today …

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Feb 28

Offshore Wind Industry

 Slowed by Birds, Bombs, Sharks Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg A boat passes between wind turbines at the London Array project, the world’s largest… Read More Birds, sharks and unexploded bombs from World War II are being blamed for holding up offshore wind farms, raising doubts about the costs of the technology. Three utilities yesterday scrapped an expansion …

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Nov 04

Biofuels faster? Enzyme could unlock research

Crafting a better enzyme cocktail to turn plants into fuel faster Tapping fungus to unlock energy Scientists looking to create a potent blend of enzymes to transform materials like corn stalks and wood chips into fuels have developed a test that should turbocharge their efforts. The new research, published in October in the journal Molecular BioSystems, …

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