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Apr 13

Solar Security Lights – Plug in to the sun for security

solar security lights

Solar powered products are everywhere these days taking away our need to plugin all of our energy needs. Solar security lights are a developing market for solar. By introducing a small charging panel to an exterior protected light with an on board battery home owners or business owners now have a way to secure their …

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Sep 24

Introducing Your Family to Solar Energy

Jim Fritz asked: One of the difficulties that solar and renewable energy have faced in the past is that it requires people to learn about it. People are busy and they are also reluctant to change and learn. It is much easier to get energy from traditional sources that seem to “magically” transfer power and …

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Sep 08

Why You Should Use Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Popularity of low voltage outdoor lights has been increasing gradually. The solar powered outdoor lighting can be a good choice if you want to brighten up your garden and driveway.  There are many reasons to go for outdoor lighting. Safety is one of the main reasons. As outdoor lighting increases the …

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Apr 01

Solar Lighting – Bringing The Light Into Your Life Via The Sun

The global demand for more environmentally friendly options for fuel, energy and food continues to grow and this growth is only expected to continue as concern about climate change increases. With this growth, more and better options for solar lighting are coming to the marketplace. Whether you need lighting for inside or outside your home, …

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