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Mar 29

Solar Power Briefcase – Solar Power on the go

Solar Power Briefcase for keeping you ready to go with portable power Whether you live remotely and need access to power off the grid or you just want a good safe source of backup power should things go wrong in the event of a natural disaster having some sort of solar power for generating power …

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Jul 26

Solar Cost Calculator

solar calculator

Modernize Launches ModSun Solar Cost Calculator for Homeowners Nationwide Human-Centered Approach to Going Solar Leverages Industry-Leading Technology  Modernize, the online service that connects homeowners with contractors specializing in energy-efficient home improvement projects, today announced the launch of ModSun, an easy-to-use residential solar panel cost calculator focused on providing a transparent, human-centered approach to going solar. …

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May 18

Does Going Solar Make Sense For Your Home in New York?

solar in new york

  For numerous good reasons, home solar power is becoming more popular all the time, but is it right for your home? With the expense of solar panels dropping, and the cost of other energy rising, solar power can be a wise investment for your home.  It can raise the appraised value of your property, …

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Nov 28

Solar panels floating on water are a beautiful solution to two problems

We can save land and water by building floating solar panels   Singapore, a country half the size of Los Angeles, is home to 5.4 million people. This makes the island city-state one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with roughly 7,500 people packed into each square kilometre. When almost your entire …

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May 03

Home Energy Storage

SUNRUN AND TESLA COLLABORATE TO OFFER CONSUMERS HOME ENERGY STORAGE NATIONWIDE   Tesla Powerwall to be Offered Through Sunrun Subsidiary AEE Solar   Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the U.S., today announced its collaboration with Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) to expand access to renewable energy storage systems for homeowners across the …

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Feb 11

Revenue for Leading Solar PV Module Suppliers Reached Three-Year High in Q4 2014

Total module revenue of the top 20 global solar PV suppliers in the fourth quarter reached its highest level since 2011, despite the effect of negative exchange rates on average selling prices BEIJING, China (February 10, 2015) — IHS (NYSE: IHS), the leading global source of critical information and insight, today announced that quarterly solar …

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Jan 22

Forever 21 Powers-Up Los Angeles County’s Largest Single-Rooftop Solar System

With the flip of a switch, PermaCity Solar and American fashion retailer Forever 21, powered-up a massive 5.1-megawatt (DC) high efficiency SunPower solar power system, crowning the construction project that employed many local workers. The system at Forever 21’s headquarters in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles is now the largest single-rooftop solar power …

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Mar 06

Pew Report Finds That U.S. Companies Held $1.6 Billion Trade Surplus in Clean Energy Trade with China in 2011

The United States and China traded more than $8.5 billion worth of clean energy goods and services in 2011, the latest year for which data are available. According to a report released today by The Pew Charitable Trusts, U.S. companies enjoyed a $1.63 billion sales advantage over their Chinese counterparts. The report, Advantage America: The …

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Jan 30

Tennesee Solar Energy Installation

Largest Solar Installation in Tennessee, U.S. Powered by JA Solar‘s PV Modules JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq:JASO) (“JA Solar” or the “Company”), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-performance solar power products, today announced the completion of the delivery of 9.5 MW of PV modules to the Volkswagen Solar Park, adjacent to the …

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Jan 29

Hawaiian Solar Power

Breakthrough For Hawaiian Solar Power Announced By Clean Energy Groups Barriers should come down for homeowners, businesses wanting to add rooftop solar Honolulu, HI — Today, national organizations Earthjustice and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) commended the Hawaiian Electric (HECO) utilities’ path-breaking plans to enable more rooftop solar systems to connect to the …

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Mar 30

What are Key North American Markets for Solar Development?

“Continuing the conversation” on the North American PV Market. Industry experts explain where the industry grew or remained flat in 2011 and what they expect to see in 2012 and beyond. An in-depth 40-minute conersation including audience questions. source

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Mar 28

PV America – Pt 4 – Also Energy – CEO Robert Schaefer

Our continuing coverage of the PV America show in San Jose CA this past week as we highlight our conversation with AlsoEnergy CEO Robert Schaefer who gives us a breakdown of their solar power monitoring service. This technology helps solar power installations monitor remotely the efficiency of the solar power system output and many other …

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Mar 27

PV America – Pt 3 – Silevo VP Chris Beitel

Our continuing coverage of the PV America show in San Jose CA this past week as we highlight our conversation with Silevo VP Chris Beitel who gives us a breakdown of the Triex solar cell technology that they are developing. This technology is showing some very strong efficiency rates for converting sunlight to energy. Watch …

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Mar 23

Pheonix Area YMCAs Go Solar

Valley of the Sun YMCA to Activate 1.6 Megawatt (MW) Multi-Facility Solar Program Across 16 Arizona Y-Locations ~Local Officials Join Valley of the Sun YMCA, Scout Solar, and Centrosolar America for Ribbon Cutting Dedication in Scottsdale, Arizona~ Today, the Valley of the Sun YMCA, Scout Solar, LLC, Centrosolar America, and the City of Scottsdale celebrated …

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Mar 21

U.S. Reaches Preliminary Decision on Solar Anti-Dumping Tariffs, Chinese Makers Pleasantly Surprised

solar pv

March 21, 2012—The U.S. Department of Commerce has reached a preliminary decision regarding anti-dumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) petitions against Chinese solar makers. Punitive duties on imports to the U.S. are set below 5%, lower than generally expected – Suntech will face tariffs of 2.9%, Changzhou Trina Solar Energy 4.73%, and all other Chinese …

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Mar 20

PV America – Part One – SPG Solar

spg soalr

Alternative Energy HQ attended the PV America show this week in San Jose CA to get an inside look at the solar power generation industry and what the leaders in PV think about the future of solar energy development. We spoke with a number of business leaders at the show and in coming days we …

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Mar 08

Solar Powered Homes Coming Of Age

Solar power fueled homes used to be a thing of fantasy or only something the extreme eco home owners would try to accomplish. But the times have changed drastically. Prices of solar technology have come way down. The efficiency of solar cells has gone up and continues to improve each year. And green homes have …

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Mar 03

Capturing Solar Power On Earth And In Outer Space

Solar panels, also referred to as photovoltaic panels, transform light into electrical energy. When the Sun’s radiation reaches the panel, electrons get energized and commence to move. Vibrating electrons develop an electrical current and that’s what we call electrical energy. Certainly one of probably the most crucial variables of capturing the maximum amount of light …

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Mar 01

The US Solar Market Looking Bright

Despite difficult times economically over the last few years in the US, the solar market has been taking off, dramatically increasing the percentage of energy coming from clean, renewable sources. This growth has largely been thanks to a combination of factors. Consumer demand has dramatically increased due to mounting awareness of solar panels as an …

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Feb 29

Solar Markets Updates

Solar Market Variables Result in Spot Market Uncertainty, High-Efficiency Products a New Trend at PV Expo Japan EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce, indicates, the buzz on the solar market this week was not just surrounding the German government’s slashing of solar subsidies and advancement of the policy cuts to March 9; PV Expo Japan …

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