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May 26

The Beginner’s Guide to Climate Change

climate change

If you’ve paid attention to the news over the past few years, you’ve heard of climate change. However, the issue of climate change is immense and can feel overwhelming to people who don’t have a background in science. To clear up the confusion, we’ve put together this list of answers to questions you might have …

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Dec 08

94% of utilities already affected by extreme weather events

A new survey by the Global Electricity Initiative (GEI) of electric power utilities reveals that their CEOs consider a global agreement on GHG emissions vital to their businesses’ sustainable success. The GEI, led by the World Energy Council and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, aims to enhance electrical utilities’ efforts to ensure reliable …

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Jun 02

Geothermal Can Play a Significant Role in State Carbon Reduction Plans

The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) urges states to take advantage of the carbon emission reduction available through expanding geothermal power portfolios.  Doing so makes sense in light of the US EPA’s proposed regulations for existing power plants that require states to substantially reduce carbon emissions.  The regulations proposed June 2, 2014, would give states significant leeway …

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May 02

Geothermal Industry Celebrates Awareness Day as sector readies for Summit

-On Geothermal Day, GEA calls for GEA Honors 2014 entries- Washington, D.C. (May 2, 2014) – On Monday, May 5, the geothermal industry will recognize Geothermal Awareness Day in California (#GeothermalDay2014) with a slate of activities in Sacramento and beyond, including a call for entries for GEA Honors, the Geothermal Energy Association’s annual awards program. …

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Feb 13

Natural Gas System

 AMERICA’S NATURAL GAS SYSTEM IS LEAKY AND IN NEED OF A FIX   The first thorough comparison of evidence for natural gas system leaks confirms that organizations including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have underestimated U.S. methane emissions generally, as well as those from the natural gas industry specifically. Natural gas consists predominantly of methane. Even small leaks from …

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Aug 13


In response to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell’s keynote address at the National Clean Energy Summit, the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) has released the following statement from GEA Executive Director Karl Gawell: “We applaud Secretary Jewell for the announcement today reaffirming the Administration’s commitment to approve 20,000 megawatts of renewable energy production on public …

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Jun 04

Geothermal Energy Good For Air Quality

Geothermal Energy’s Environmental and Health Benefits Worth $117 Million Annually Benefits of geothermal energy touted in air emissions analysis The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) has released an Air Emissions Comparison and Externality Analysis showing geothermal energy provides significant benefits to public health and the environment as one of the least-polluting and most environmentally friendly forms …

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Feb 19

New Policy Can Put the EU on Track to Reach 100% Renewable Energy

WWF has launched a new report – Putting the EU on Track for 100% Renewable Energy    – which shows where Europe needs to be by 2030 in order to reach a fully renewable energy system by 2050. It comes just as the European Commission is beginning to consider post-2020 climate and energy plans. By …

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Aug 26

Despite Methane Emissions Upstream, Natural Gas Is Cleaner than Coal on a Life-Cycle Basis

New study concludes that natural gas offers greenhouse gas advantages over coal despite higher EPA estimates of methane emissions from natural gas systems. Washington, D.C.-Over its full cycle of production, distribution, and use, natural gas emits just over half as many greenhouse gas emissions as coal does for equivalent energy output, according to a new …

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