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May 11

Plans For Future Hybrid Pickup Trucks

  Hybrid and electric vehicles of all kinds are becoming significantly more common these days. Many different companies are introducing their own versions. Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are much more energy-efficient. They run on clean energy, thus making them better for the environment. Many of them are safer to use in general, and they …

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Apr 29

Guide to Buying Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Cars

Is an Electric Car Right for You? Operating a car without needing to visit a gas station is intriguing idea to many American drivers.  After all, the pumps can be a painful place—gas prices have been on a roller coaster ride the past few years.  But in the minds of many American, electric cars are …

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May 28

Can Electric Cars Make It?

This is a thought provoking article about electric cars by a self professed fan of these new alternatives to driving that don’t use gas. He goes through the sales of electric cars and what it means to the market development. What do you think about the potential for electric cars if these sales reports mean cars companies are struggling to get …

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May 28

Electric Cars Face Issues in US

VOAvideo asked: US car company General Motors has made some tough business decisions regarding its electric-powered Chevrolet Volt. Some analysts are wondering what this means for the future of electric cars in America. VOA’s Carolyn Presutti takes us for a spin to find out.

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Dec 16

Electric Car Manufacturers

Jose Marc Castro asked: While many of the electric car manufacturers in the headlines today are well-known companies we’ve also seen the emergence of new up-and-coming companies which are specifically targeted at the electric vehicle market. So who are the major players in electric car market and who should we look out for in the …

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Aug 29

All-Electric Car From GM May Hit US Showrooms by 2010

Joe Thompson asked: General Motors is currently working on the production of the Chevrolet Volt so that the vehicle would be ready by the year 2010. The Volt is an all-electric car which will be the answer of the world’s largest car manufacturer to the growing demand for cleaner cars. Reuters reported that GM is …

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