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May 20

American Attitudes Towards Energy Policy, Climate Change: Changing at Glacial Speeds

Last week, Charlie Rose presented this summary of a report which laid out how the melting of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet is “beyond the point of no return,” reminding us of the grim consequences: the slow but significant rise in the earth’s sea levels. I always wonder when I come across scientific findings like these: what …

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Nov 05

Obama Wins Presidency – What Does This Mean For Energy Policy?

Well the interminable election process is finally over and it ends with a historic day for America. Barack Obama is the new president of the United States. Energy was a big topic during this campaign as both sides tried to illuminate us with their vision of new energy policy for our country in the coming …

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Jan 27

John McCain – Energy Policy for 2008 Election

John McCain’s Energy Policy – Campaign 2008 John McCain Commerical John McCain talks about Ethanol * FactCheck: Oil independence will take 25 years, not 5 years. (Dec 2007) * Climate change is real; nuclear power is solution. (Oct 2007) * Public pressure on oil industry to invest in alternatives. (Oct 2007) * FactCheck: nuclear plants …

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Jan 25

Barack Obama – Energy Policy for 2008 Election

Barack Obama’s Energy Policy – Campaign 2008 * Energy ANWR: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a protected area in northern Alaska that contains substantial supplies of oil and gas. Conservatives favor drilling ANWR to extract the oil, while liberals favor maintaining its protected status. * Deregulation Crisis: California suffered ‘rolling blackouts’ in 2001 due …

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Jan 24

Hillary Rodham Clinton – Energy Policy for 2008 Election

Hillary on video regarding Energy In this video Hillary answers questions about her Energy policy at an event in Iowa. Campaign Commercial – Hillary talks about Energy

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