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Aug 10

ClearPower’s New Industrial Turbine Generator for Mining Converts Water Flow into a Source of Renewable, Low-Cost Energy

  Mining Companies Can Utilize the ITG-M Series to Produce Over 30 Megawatts of Off-Grid Power at Half the Price of Current Options   CASTLE ROCK, COLO. – August 10, 2017 – ClearPower North America has expanded the market for its patented, Straflo design Industrial Turbine Generator (ITG) with the launch of its new ITG-M Series for the mining industry. The …

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May 18

Does Going Solar Make Sense For Your Home in New York?

solar in new york

  For numerous good reasons, home solar power is becoming more popular all the time, but is it right for your home? With the expense of solar panels dropping, and the cost of other energy rising, solar power can be a wise investment for your home.  It can raise the appraised value of your property, …

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Nov 03

Storage advance may boost solar thermal energy potential

solar thermal storage

By David Stauth CORVALLIS, Ore. – Engineers at Oregon State University have identified a new approach for the storage of concentrated solar thermal energy, to reduce its cost and make it more practical for wider use. The advance is based on a new innovation with thermochemical storage, in which chemical transformation is used in repeated …

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May 03

Home Energy Storage

SUNRUN AND TESLA COLLABORATE TO OFFER CONSUMERS HOME ENERGY STORAGE NATIONWIDE   Tesla Powerwall to be Offered Through Sunrun Subsidiary AEE Solar   Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the U.S., today announced its collaboration with Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) to expand access to renewable energy storage systems for homeowners across the …

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Jan 20

Energy Price Volatility

The “new normal”: Energy price volatility and climate framework uncertainty top concerns of global energy leaders World Energy Council report highlights the critical global and regional energy issues Energy leaders see energy price volatility and the future of a climate framework as their top critical uncertainties, according to the latest research by the World Energy …

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Sep 16

Solar Power For Business

New SolarCity Product Makes it Possible for Businesses to Significantly Increase Solar Output From Each Rooftop Incredibly Lightweight, “Snap Together” Mounting System Allows Businesses to Fit 20-50 Percent More Solar Panels on Each Roof, Promises to do for Commercial Solar What Zep Has Done for Residential SolarCity (Nasdaq:SCTY) unveiled a new product in its Zep Solar line of solar …

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May 22

A Signal that the Microgrid Market is about to Pop

To the consumer, the microgrid market will simply appear one day. Like the IPhone or the Kindle or solar panels, it will be the latest cool wonder of our high tech society. But those behind the scenes know that most products are many years in the making. Electricity innovation is no different, except perhaps that industry gestation …

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Mar 25

Small Hydropower Generator

Hydropower – Powerspout Generator How would you like to create power for your home or work space with the energy of that water flowing on or near your property already? We found this Australian built power generator and thought our readers would like to know more about this sort of option. If you live off …

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Mar 19

5 Things Every Commercial Property Owner Needs to Know Before Investing in Rooftop Solar

solar energy

  The age of solar being used to generate energy on the roof tops of commercial buildings now seems to be coming into its own. No longer just the domain of rooftop household solar or large solar power stations, commercial building owners can now see the benefits of using solar on their large commercial roof …

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Mar 17

Californians Consume the Least Electricity Nationwide

Californians consume the least electricity per-person of any state in the country, according to new 2014 state energy rankings from EnergyTrends.org. Behind California, Hawaii, Rhode Island and New York used the least electricity per person. Meanwhile, Californians consumed the fifth-lowest total energy per person of any state. This ranking has remained unchanged in recent years …

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Mar 11

Reliablility Report on Rooftop Solar

New White Paper Report on Racking Reliability for Residential Rooftop Solar Released Today Report Highlights How to Scale Residential Solar While Minimizing Potential Pitfalls and Rooftop Damage Today, Solar Marketing Group announces the release of a new white paper on improving quality control in residential rooftop solar installations. The white paper entitled: “The Importance of …

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Mar 06

Good News in Connecticut’s Complicated Energy Story

It’s always hard to make the argument that things could have been worse. But that’s the reality in Connecticut as it emerges from a brutal winter State regulators are fielding complaints from consumers who have seen their electricity prices skyrocket this winter. The state is investigating what happened. But for anyone who has followed New …

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Feb 17

Cold + Propane Shortage = Energy Efficiency Wake-up

There is nothing like a blast of frigid weather – and an energy shortage – to wake up the US consumer to the economic value of energy efficiency. We were caught almost napping this winter, drowsy in the confidence that we are awash in plenty of oil and natural gas. True, the US is in …

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Jan 30

Greensmith Energy Management Systems announces Turn-key energy storage systems (ESS) up to megawatt scale

Advanced software and integration capabilities  Greensmith’s ESS Master Controller  Greensmith Energy Management Systems is a leading provider of energy storage technologies and solutions with over 30 systems deployed utilizing its advanced, battery-agnostic technology platform. The company has seen rapid growth by delivering ever-larger, more sophisticated, energy storage technology solutions for utility, power developer and C&I …

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Jan 24

Pilot project in restaurant delivers on promise of energy savings

Hybrid water heater proves its value as energy efficient upgrade, provides one-third gain in energy efficiency An energy-efficient hot water system proved its value in a commercial restaurant application during a special project overseen by the Food Service Technology Center and Fast Water Heater Company. The two companies worked together to design a tankless natural …

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Jan 06

Investors Are Wary of Energy Efficiency?

If public enthusiasm were money, the energy efficiency industry would be loaded with capital. From world leaders to celebrities to the common folk, everybody champions saving energy these days. Unfortunately, public enthusiasm isn’t what attracts money; investor confidence does. And despite all of the public support for energy efficiency, investors remain wary. It’s easy to …

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Dec 11

Fuel Cell Power

Two Billion Kilowatt Hours of Environmentally Friendly and Efficient Fuel Cell Power Generation Major Operating Milestone Reached From Growing Installed Base of Ultra-Clean, Efficient and Reliable Fuel Cell Power Plants FuelCell Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq:FCEL), a global leader in the design, manufacture, operation and service of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants, today announced a …

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Dec 10

Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Installations

Set to Boom in the Coming Years After years of slow progress, the global market for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems is entering a phase of explosive growth, with worldwide installations set to boom by 750 percent from 2013 to the end of 2020. CPV installations are projected to rise to 1,362 megawatts in 2020, up …

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Nov 05

Smart Energy – Too Much Hype Again?

Sometimes we’re spot-on when we predict the future. Other times we blow it horribly. Take smart homes, the forerunner of today’s smart grid. Back in the 1980s, prognosticators thought we’d have millions of smart homes by now and that they would achieve remarkable feats. For example, a United Press International article from 1986 said that a child …

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Oct 31

Brazil embraces new era of wind energy

  In Northeastern Brazil, energy companies are erecting wind farms to capitalize on the constant winds that have challenged farming families for generations.   CAETITE, BRAZIL — With its abundant dams and rivers that carry more fresh water than any other country, Brazil — big and bountiful — essentially runs on hydropower. But it turns …

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