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May 03

Renewable Energy Sources Now Almost One-Fifth Of The Nation’s Total Generating Capacity

solar power

WIND + SOLAR PROVIDE MAJORITY OF NEW GENERATING CAPACITY IN FIRST QUARTER 2017   Washington DC – According to the latest issue of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) monthly “Energy Infrastructure Update” (with data through March 31, 2017), wind and solar provided 50.84% of the new electrical generating capacity added to the U.S. grid during …

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Jul 15

New tool calculates emissions impacts, energy benefits from smart grid investments

Greenhouse and other emissions may vary Use of “Smart Grid” technologies can impact carbon emissions — but by how much? A new Emissions Quantification Tool can estimate the answer to that question. RICHLAND, Wash. – “Smart grid” technologies significantly reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions resulting from power production and usage. Taken together, smart grid …

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Aug 01

Using Waste Water For Generating Power

Microbial Fuel Cells How can we turn waste water in a fuel source to create electricity? Well this video will show you how it is possible to do it right now. Watch the video and comment below. The next challenge is to scale it up for use in industrial power generation. It now becomes an …

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Mar 07

What Are The Advantages of Energy By Water?

Have you heard about Energy By Water? It’s amazing. It’s the latest innovation in the field of power generation. Do you need to power your house? Are you looking for a cheap source of electricity? Energy By Water is the perfect solution for you. It will give sufficient power to power your entire house and …

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Mar 06

Is It Really Possible To Generate Your Own Electricity at Your Home?

What’s the thing you can’t live without. Oxygen. Umm, close. What else? Alarm clock. Quite witty, but not exactly. Electricity? BINGO! Indeed, electricity has taken such an important place in our lives that you can’t even think of living without it. Even in your dreams, you enjoy in ACs, you work on computers and take …

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Mar 02

Energy By Water – The Other Name is Convenience

So you have decided to get your own generator. This is a good decision. Since, electricity is getting increasingly expensive day by day, it’s better to find a solution that is cheap and affordable; a generator that is powerful enough to power your entire house. There are many options to select from, windmills, solar panels …

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Feb 15

Are Oil Companies Hindering Development of Hydro Technology?

We are at one end, striving to get the basic necessities of life and there are people, on the other end, craving for opportunities to multiply their millions. The disparity in the distribution of wealth is gigantic. This scenario creates problems for common people almost everyday. The elite class uses every possible means to make …

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Mar 03

Capturing Solar Power On Earth And In Outer Space

Solar panels, also referred to as photovoltaic panels, transform light into electrical energy. When the Sun’s radiation reaches the panel, electrons get energized and commence to move. Vibrating electrons develop an electrical current and that’s what we call electrical energy. Certainly one of probably the most crucial variables of capturing the maximum amount of light …

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Dec 13

Limitless Electrical Power from Magnet Electrical Power Generator

Around the world lack of energy is an issue experienced by all of us, mainly because of this, most people are in search of a less expensive electrical source. Countless individuals are going to use magnet machines since they are useful, thus numerous ways that; they are indeed uninterrupted power. You may find out more …

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Mar 28

Your Hybrid Car Engine

The hybrid car engine holds the key to its being an environment-friendly vehicle. They are a combination of a gas engine and an electric motor that assists a car as it accelerates, slows down and even when it stops. Throughout all these basic actions, the hybrid car engine plays a major role so that the least amount of gas is used and cleaner emissions achieved.

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Mar 19

Want To Know How A Hybrid Car Works?

parry asked: Many people are now getting frustrated with their usual gas-guzzling conventional car because of the constant increase in fuel prices. Because of this, more and more people are looking for alternative modes of travel. Some people with cars are now leaving it on the garage and walks from home to work almost everyday …

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Nov 26

Geothermal Energy Information

Daniel Lanback asked: Geothermal energy is the energy taken from the heat stored inside the earth. This energy has been stored inside the earth from its very origination and even from the solar energy, which is absorbed by the surface of the earth. Geothermal energy has been widely used today to provide electrical power in …

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Aug 31

Solar Power For Homes Information

Jarrod Brake asked: Have you been giving thought to turning your home into a solar power house or are you building a home with blueprints that include solar panels? Here is a brief synopsis of things you ought to know about alternative solar power. How Solar Panels Turn Your Home into a Solar Power House …

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Apr 22

Hybrid Cars

Holly Odom asked: There are many reasons why people should drive electric hybrid cars. They are safer for the environment than gasoline engines. They also are more fuel efficient, and cost less money to operate than a gasoline powered car. However, they also cost a little more to purchase than a similar gasoline powered car, …

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Mar 10

Solar Power For Your House – Install Solar Power at Home One Step at a Time!

Franck Silvestre asked: Does the idea of installing homemade solar power scares you? When you know that energy sources are depleting at an alarming rate, and that more and more people move to green electricity to save money on their utility bills, you may want to think twice before deciding that green power isn’t for …

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Sep 27

What You Should Know Before Knowing How to Build Solar Power Energy

Before you begin to learn how to build solar power energy, you will need to do a few things to get ready. You will need to assess your house and your location to make sure that solar power will ultimately work for you. You also need to determine exactly what you want to do with …

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Sep 17

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power – Revealed

Madison Greene asked: With a new emphasis on alternative energy, it is no wonder people all over are starting to use the benefits of solar power. It is certainly an everlasting energy source, as long as there is the sun, there will be available solar power. One advantage of this alternative power is that it …

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Sep 10

What Is Solar Power? Knowing Could Save You Money

Madison Greene asked: Like most people you probably know that now more than ever we need to find alternative energy sources. Solar, nuclear and wind power are all viable options, but solar power is the most popular alternate energy source for residential homes. Beyond knowing that it turns the sun’s rays into electricity, do you …

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Sep 04

What Is Solar Power – Your Questions Answered

Milton Barnes asked: Basically, solar power is energy that is actually harnessed from the sun. Although the sun is millions of miles away from earth, if we had the ability to harness all the energy coming from the sun, there is more than enough power there to provide all the energy we need for the …

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Aug 27

Solar Energy (pakistan Base)

Farooq Raza Qadri asked: “SOLAR ENERGY”   Today in Pakistan we are facing shortage of almost every basic need of life like water, gas, and especially electricity. It is the worst conditions we are facing now a days. The reason for that is…well we all know “THE REASONS” don’t we!!! Few days back I was …

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