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Aug 10

BYD Delivers First Electric Bus to Albuquerque Rapid Transit

electric bus

Remainder of 20-bus order, among the first 60-ft. articulated electric buses in the world, to be delivered by end of 2017 (Above: BYD’s new 60-ft. articulated battery electric transit bus for Albuquerque Rapid Transit.)   Albuquerque, N.M. – Aug. 9, 2017 – BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, yesterday joined the City of Albuquerque to announce the …

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May 11

Plans For Future Hybrid Pickup Trucks

  Hybrid and electric vehicles of all kinds are becoming significantly more common these days. Many different companies are introducing their own versions. Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are much more energy-efficient. They run on clean energy, thus making them better for the environment. Many of them are safer to use in general, and they …

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May 03

Battery-Electric Refuse Truck


  LONG BEACH, CALIF. – May 3, 2017— BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, today formally introduced its class 8 battery-electric refuse truck at the 2017 ACT Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center. This new vehicle from BYD represents the first heavy-duty refuse truck designed and built by an original equipment manufacturer …

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Mar 14

Electric Car Etiquette

Guide To Electric Car Etiquette [Infographic] by the team at uAuto Insurance  

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Jul 03

The Past, Present and Future of Electric Motorcycles

electric motorcycle

Electric cars have gotten all the attention lately, but they’re far from the only vehicles that run on electricity. In fact, the first electric motorcycle appeared in the pages of Popular Mechanics over 100 years ago. However, like early electric cars, they were basically forgotten once gasoline became cheap and easy to get. Now that …

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May 28

Can Electric Cars Make It?

This is a thought provoking article about electric cars by a self professed fan of these new alternatives to driving that don’t use gas. He goes through the sales of electric cars and what it means to the market development. What do you think about the potential for electric cars if these sales reports mean cars companies are struggling to get …

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Feb 14

Own An Electric Vehicle?

Do you own an (EV) Electric Vehicle? Well if you do then you are one of the leading edge drivers in a growing movement of cars that run only on electricity. Congratulations are in order. I think you should be saluted for it. The move the EV is growing as more and more car companies …

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Mar 09

EV Charging Stations Open In Chicago

DBT, the No. 1 charging station manufacturer in Europe, opened a new U.S. subsidiary in Chicago this January: DBT USA. With more than 6,000 units installed in more than 20 countries to date, DBT is the world’s leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. DBT USA business operations are already underway in Chicago, and …

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Nov 24

Do-It-Yourself Electric Car Motor Conversion

Mike Darwin asked: Electric car motor conversion is the ultimate solution for more people due to the permanent rising of gas prices. For families who possess more than just one car, gas expenses are really a great deal. The bad thing is that sending your car to some professionals for conversion to be an EV …

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Nov 14

Electric Vehicle (EV) Retrofitting – Save Gasoline Driving an Electric Car

Will Yap asked: A lot of car enthusiasts are considering doing their own electric vehicle (EV) retrofitting. Due to high gasoline prices and environmental issues, many people are seriously considering getting an electric car for their daily commute. For the time being, a new EV from the manufacturer is still relatively expensive and not very …

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Nov 04

Hot Rod Electric Racing Motorcycle

Want a screaming fast motorcycle that is green too? Does that sound like a contradiction? Well not anymore. Thanks to the entrepreneur behind the world’s first zero-emissions motorcycle race is back with a limited-edition competition-caliber electric superbike we’ll see on the track next year. The Mavizen TTX02 unveiled Tuesday in Las Vegas marries top-shelf components …

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Oct 21

Electric Vehicle Kits: Build Your Own Electric Car

Kerry Ng asked: With rising fuel costs, more and more people and are looking for alternatives. One such alternative that is gaining popularity, especially with the do-it yourself types, are the electric vehicle kits. Anyone familiar with automobiles can now use these kits to convert traditional gas powered vehicles to one powered by electric current. …

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Sep 07

Canadian Electric Car Company Frustrated

Anthony Fontanelle asked: The increasing price of petroleum fuel and the increasing threat of global warming had consumers thinking about purchasing green vehicles such as hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles produced by small car companies like ZAP. In Canada, the Zenn electric car is a good choice for consumers looking to own an electric car …

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Sep 06

World Leaders Bring Back Electric Cars

Joe Thompson asked: The fate of electric cars seems to be sparking still and not completely gone. This is primarily because soon enough, electric cars would again be on the streets and roads. Well, not exactly for every day use and for ownership, but at least, they would be used by world leaders of leading …

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Aug 29

All-Electric Car From GM May Hit US Showrooms by 2010

Joe Thompson asked: General Motors is currently working on the production of the Chevrolet Volt so that the vehicle would be ready by the year 2010. The Volt is an all-electric car which will be the answer of the world’s largest car manufacturer to the growing demand for cleaner cars. Reuters reported that GM is …

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Aug 27

Zap and Lotus to Create Most Advanced Electric Car

Jenny Mclane asked: The quest to develop an automobile which will reduce and possibly eliminate the dependence of the entire human race on petroleum fuel for automotive fuel has led to a partnership between companies. These working partnerships allow companies to have bigger funding and share expertise. One such partnership is that between ZAP and …

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Aug 16

A Practical Electric Car

Gator asked: We all know that hybrid cars still need gasoline to be completely dependable. Electric cars on the other hand, suffer from short range and require significant amounts of time to recharge their batteries. So what’s the answer? It’s really quite simple, a “modulized” electric car. Picture yourself driving across the country in an …

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Jul 25

Electric Cars in Demand

carazoo.com asked:   The environmental hazards have created awareness among the people and to save the earth every one is contributing in some or the other way. A metro like Delhi has taken the initiative of saving nature.  More people are opting for eco-friendly cars now. Alternative fuels like CNG and LPG has changed basic …

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Jul 24

USPS Explores Options for ‘Green’ Mail Trucks

The U.S. Postal Service plans to identify new, more environmentally friendly vehicle technologies that are less dependent on petroleum-based fuel sources to replace the 195,000 neighborhood delivery vehicles of its total 220,000 vehicles, the world’s largest civilian fleet. Today’s announcement came during a ceremony in which General Motors presented a Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell electric …

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Jul 19

Zap Releases X Crossover Electric Car Concept Drawings

Correy Putton asked: ZAP, an electric car pioneer, earlier unveiled the concept drawings of its X Crossover SUV on its website. The images are also highlighted in the April 2007 issue of Popular Science in the article titled ‘Who killed the gas guzzler?’ where you can also find an interview with Steve Schneider, the ZAP …

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