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May 12

Obama Bypasses Congress and Turns to Big Business to Make Energy Efficiency Happen

It’s never a bad thing to have the leader of the free world in your corner. And President Barrack Obama made clear again last week that he’s with energy efficiency. At a Walmart in Silicon Valley, Obama laid out his next round of green energy expansion plans. Sexy solar got much of the play in …

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Feb 17

Cold + Propane Shortage = Energy Efficiency Wake-up

There is nothing like a blast of frigid weather – and an energy shortage – to wake up the US consumer to the economic value of energy efficiency. We were caught almost napping this winter, drowsy in the confidence that we are awash in plenty of oil and natural gas. True, the US is in …

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Jan 24

Pilot project in restaurant delivers on promise of energy savings

Hybrid water heater proves its value as energy efficient upgrade, provides one-third gain in energy efficiency An energy-efficient hot water system proved its value in a commercial restaurant application during a special project overseen by the Food Service Technology Center and Fast Water Heater Company. The two companies worked together to design a tankless natural …

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Jan 06

Investors Are Wary of Energy Efficiency?

If public enthusiasm were money, the energy efficiency industry would be loaded with capital. From world leaders to celebrities to the common folk, everybody champions saving energy these days. Unfortunately, public enthusiasm isn’t what attracts money; investor confidence does. And despite all of the public support for energy efficiency, investors remain wary. It’s easy to …

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Oct 01

Recession? Big Energy Efficiency Service Companies Skipped It

Energy efficiency’s largest players grew, even as the economy lagged in recent years. And they show no signs of slowing down, says a new report distributed by the National Association of Energy Service Companies. Revenue growth averaged nine percent annually from 2009 to 2011 for large energy efficiency service companies, or ESCOs, according to the …

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Aug 05

Why You Can’t Always Trust Energy Efficiency Data

The energy efficiency  industry is mad for data, especially anything that will give insight into what spurs consumers to save energy or buy green products. But unfortunately, not all data is good data and some leads the industry astray. Take for example the oft-cited surveys that consumers are willing to pay more for green energy. …

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Jul 22

How Big Is Energy Efficiency Market?

Been asking yourself that question? Then take a look at a report released this week by the Carbon War Room that honestly investigates what bolsters energy efficiency markets, what doesn’t and why. We all know that energy efficiency is one of the big business opportunities of our time. By 2020 it could become a $245 …

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Jul 08

Combined Heat And Power – Slipping?

Combined heat and power, or CHP, continues to be one of those great ideas that can’t seem to get traction. In fact, the technology has lost ground, according to a recent energy efficiency report. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy found that CHP installations fell 1.5 percent at industrial facilities from 2010 to 2011 …

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Apr 30

SEAD Study Finds Super-Efficient Air Conditioners Could Avoid More Than 100 Power Plants

A new assessment commissioned by the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative finds that deploying super-efficient air conditioners could significantly reduce energy use by 2020 in selected countries, avoiding the need for more than 100 medium-sized (500-megawatt) power plants. Conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Navigant Consulting, the Cooling …

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Apr 24

Energy Efficiency-Americans Are Concerned, but Not Acting on Saving Energy

Shelton Group Study Shows Decline in Energy-Efficient Product Purchases and Home Improvements Shelton Group, the nation’s leading marketing communications firm entirely focused in the sustainability and energy efficiency sectors, announced today that its latest Utility Pulse study shows that energy-saving habits have declined in the last three years. The national poll shows decreases in behaviors …

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Feb 19

New Policy Can Put the EU on Track to Reach 100% Renewable Energy

WWF has launched a new report – Putting the EU on Track for 100% Renewable Energy    – which shows where Europe needs to be by 2030 in order to reach a fully renewable energy system by 2050. It comes just as the European Commission is beginning to consider post-2020 climate and energy plans. By …

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