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Mar 25

Small Hydropower Generator

Hydropower – Powerspout Generator How would you like to create power for your home or work space with the energy of that water flowing on or near your property already? We found this Australian built power generator and thought our readers would like to know more about this sort of option. If you live off …

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Mar 19

5 Things Every Commercial Property Owner Needs to Know Before Investing in Rooftop Solar

solar energy

  The age of solar being used to generate energy on the roof tops of commercial buildings now seems to be coming into its own. No longer just the domain of rooftop household solar or large solar power stations, commercial building owners can now see the benefits of using solar on their large commercial roof …

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Mar 14

Electric Car Etiquette

Guide To Electric Car Etiquette [Infographic] by the team at uAuto Insurance  

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Jan 30

Greensmith Energy Management Systems announces Turn-key energy storage systems (ESS) up to megawatt scale

Advanced software and integration capabilities  Greensmith’s ESS Master Controller  Greensmith Energy Management Systems is a leading provider of energy storage technologies and solutions with over 30 systems deployed utilizing its advanced, battery-agnostic technology platform. The company has seen rapid growth by delivering ever-larger, more sophisticated, energy storage technology solutions for utility, power developer and C&I …

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Jan 24

Pilot project in restaurant delivers on promise of energy savings

Hybrid water heater proves its value as energy efficient upgrade, provides one-third gain in energy efficiency An energy-efficient hot water system proved its value in a commercial restaurant application during a special project overseen by the Food Service Technology Center and Fast Water Heater Company. The two companies worked together to design a tankless natural …

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Jan 23

Did You Really Miss Out on this Energy Efficiency Tax Break? Think Again

Commercial building owners have been lamenting the loss of a popular energy efficiency tax break that ended with the New Year. But it turns out they still may be able to use it. Section 179D of the Energy Policy Act, (EPACT) offers up to $1.80 per square foot for energy efficiency improvements to building envelope and …

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Oct 24

American Solar Shines at Home Builders Show

Solar energy leader showcases innovation. American Solar Showcases Innovation at Southwest Builders Show “Working with American Solar, we can give consumers the best money-saving options in the business.” Roger Cregg, AV Homes American Solar, Arizona’s leader in residential solar installation and innovation, delighted home builders and business dignitaries during this week’s Southwest Builders Show at …

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Jul 08

Wood Stove

North American Wood Stove Program Focuses On Clean Air Effort–  This summer, Jøtul North American (Jøtul) is spearheading an effort focused on removing non-EPA-certified wood stoves from communities around North America.Jøtul is the first wood stove manufacturer in the hearth industry to implement a program encouraging wood stove users to get rid of their old …

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May 17

Growing Wave Power Energy In Scotland

Interesting article to read on the growth of wave/tidal power in the North Sea. Is this renewable energy source coming into its own in terms of viability and ROI? The debate over the viability and future of wind power in Scotland is omnipresent. But another form of renewable energy could soon become part of the …

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Apr 23

Hawaiian Car Dealers Go Solar

solar power business

KYOCERA and ProVision Solar Help Auto Businesses in Hawai’i Say Aloha to Renewable Energy Four of eight total installations already utilizing sunshine power in Hilo, Kamuela and Captain Cook Kyocera Solar Inc. announced today that it supplied Kyocera solar modules to ProVision Solar that will power a total of eight auto businesses on the Big …

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Mar 21

Terrific Energy Sites

Alternative Energy HQ has been featured in a list of 101 Terrific Energy sites. Thanks! Techniques for harvesting solar energy, wind energy, and even the tidal movements of the ocean have been around for decades, but the importance of improving their efficiency and increasing their availability is growing rapidly. As oil companies sink more resources …

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Mar 02

Energy By Water – The Other Name is Convenience

So you have decided to get your own generator. This is a good decision. Since, electricity is getting increasingly expensive day by day, it’s better to find a solution that is cheap and affordable; a generator that is powerful enough to power your entire house. There are many options to select from, windmills, solar panels …

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Feb 22

EnergySage Launches Online Solar PV Marketplace

Automation, Transparency Transform Solar Photovoltaic Shopping for Homeowners, Businesses and Non-profits   EnergySage, a free-to-the-consumer online marketplace for solar photovoltaic and other clean energy technologies, announced the release of the EnergySage Solar Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive platform for researching and shopping for solar PV (also referred to as solar panel and solar power) systems for …

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Feb 15

Are Oil Companies Hindering Development of Hydro Technology?

We are at one end, striving to get the basic necessities of life and there are people, on the other end, craving for opportunities to multiply their millions. The disparity in the distribution of wealth is gigantic. This scenario creates problems for common people almost everyday. The elite class uses every possible means to make …

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Mar 03

Capturing Solar Power On Earth And In Outer Space

Solar panels, also referred to as photovoltaic panels, transform light into electrical energy. When the Sun’s radiation reaches the panel, electrons get energized and commence to move. Vibrating electrons develop an electrical current and that’s what we call electrical energy. Certainly one of probably the most crucial variables of capturing the maximum amount of light …

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Dec 13

Limitless Electrical Power from Magnet Electrical Power Generator

Around the world lack of energy is an issue experienced by all of us, mainly because of this, most people are in search of a less expensive electrical source. Countless individuals are going to use magnet machines since they are useful, thus numerous ways that; they are indeed uninterrupted power. You may find out more …

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Dec 22

Take A New Look At Solar Powered Battery Chargers

We live in a capitalist society and we have a very “live for today, don’t worry about tomorrow” attitude towards our lifestyle which is demonstrated in a number of different ways. We rely upon consumer products with reckless abandonment, very rarely taking the time to even contemplate the effort or cost that was incurred in …

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Nov 09

Home Fuel Cells For Power Generation

But along comes a company to my attention of late that seems to be proving that wrong. Clear Edge Power is advertising a fuel cells power system for home and business use now, not next year or beyond.

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Mar 31

Homemade Solar Ovens – How to Make a Solar Oven In 12 Easy Steps

One fun and simple project that you can do at home to make use of the sun’s radiant energy is homemade solar ovens. This step-by step guide shows you how to make a solar oven using things lying around your house. At worst, you may have to go to the local dollar store and spend …

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