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May 11

Plans For Future Hybrid Pickup Trucks

  Hybrid and electric vehicles of all kinds are becoming significantly more common these days. Many different companies are introducing their own versions. Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are much more energy-efficient. They run on clean energy, thus making them better for the environment. Many of them are safer to use in general, and they …

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Apr 05

US Energy Storage Strategy

US Energy Storage has become a hot topic of late. Tesla has their storage products that have created a lot of buzz in the industry. But there are others in the market. This article details some of the state of the art in energy storage solution and strategy. It’s a common trope in the U.S. …

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Nov 02

Popular Electric Cars Drive to Europe

Joe Ratzkin asked: With more and more vehicles roaming and zooming through the streets and roads, it is not very likely that one day we will find ourselves waking up to a foggy environment. Smog would surely fill the air and children would no longer remember what it was like to live in a place …

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Aug 27

Zap and Lotus to Create Most Advanced Electric Car

Jenny Mclane asked: The quest to develop an automobile which will reduce and possibly eliminate the dependence of the entire human race on petroleum fuel for automotive fuel has led to a partnership between companies. These working partnerships allow companies to have bigger funding and share expertise. One such partnership is that between ZAP and …

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