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Solar Security Lights – Plug in to the sun for security

Solar powered products are everywhere these days taking away our need to plugin all of our energy needs. Solar security lights are a developing market for solar. By introducing a small charging panel to an exterior protected light with an on board battery home owners or business owners now have a way to secure their property with motion activated lights that get all their juice from the sun.

Most of the buzz these days is for the roll out of large scale solar power projects to power businesses, cities, regions with much larger solar installations, but smaller size power needs are coming to life for all kinds of products these days. From walk way solar powered lamps to backpacks equipped with solar panels to charge personal devices even to personal solar powered generators for bigger back country energy needs we now see solar panels being used in a wide variety of ways.

solar security lightsSo we decided to test out some of these product and today we are featuring a solar security light for home or business.

The folks at Deelat.com sent over a sample for AEHQ to test out and see how it works for our outdoor security needs.

From Deelat.com:

Solar powered products are everywhere these days taking away our need to plugin all of our energy needs. Solar security lights are a developing market for solar.

The Specs:

The PIR outdoor solar powered LED security light has a size of 24.2x12x9.2 cm and a durable aluminum and toughened glass construction along with a color temperature of 6000K. The LED light is also rated at 1000 lumens.

The solar panels on the unit draw energy from the sun, which allows the lighting component to turn on when activated by motion. The unit can also be activated via remote control. The unit has a 9-hour charging time by bright sunlight and has several lighting modes, including 1 or 2 hours at 500 or 1000 lumens, and dim lighting at 150 lumens with a motion sensor-activated light at 500 lumens lasting for 30 seconds.

The light is used as a security measure on a home or business, activating when the unit detects motion. It also serves more personal uses, such as to take out the trash or get the mail at night, conveniently activated from afar with the remote control.\

AEHQ’s Take On Solar Security Lights:

This light is durably built to withstand the elements, is easy to install in an outdoor location of your choice, has a powerful bright light provided from the LED s on board, and comes with enough battery storage to easily last through the night.

We installed this light in five minutes with very simple tools and had it charging right away so it would be ready for night time security duty. Once it was charged up, (five hours or so of sunlight) we turned it on with the simple push of one button and it was ready to go.

The motion sensor is very good on it and the light comes on to full brightness right away. It turns itself down to a dimmer setting after a few seconds so if you are just taking out the trash for instance it is not at full brightness. Plenty bright enough to illuminate your way but just not blasting. If you move close to it again soon after it will go back to full brightness. The sensor times it out after a few minutes if no further motion is detected.

While this could easily be the security light for your driveway or backyard it seems to me that it might be better suited to industrial or business applications better as the intensity of the light is enough to light a large area and not having to maintain or provide electricity to it would be a feature that businesses would want for their security purposes.

We give it a full thumbs up for energy efficiency (sunpower!), quality of design, ease of installation, and usefulness as a security light.

Watch our video review below:


Solar Powered Lights can be purchased at Deelat.com









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