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Solar Oven – Take It With You And Cook From The Sun

It’s always exciting when an old idea gets a fresh update. People have been cooking with the Sun’s energy for years, but the SolSource Sport takes the cumbersome and slow Solar Oven concept, and adds turbo boosters! Now you can cook, grill, steam, boil and even pressure cook, using the lightweight SolSource Sport anywhere and anytime the sun is up, quickly and easily.

What makes the SolSource Sport different from any other Solar Oven?

solar ovenThe design of the SolSource Sport clearly has the user in mind. The entire grill weighs only 10 pounds, and fits neatly into a 2-foot backpack, so taking it along is a breeze. Whether spending the day at the local Park, or camping deep in the wilderness, you can take SolSource Sport with you. It can even be set up in your yard or on your deck.

Assembling the SolSource Sport takes less than 5 minutes, and packing it up is even quicker! Within 5 minutes, it’s hot enough for some cooking. In under 10, your grill pan is hot enough to sear. You won’t get wood or coals going that fast!

Still… despite all that heat energy, the SolSource Sport is safe to use. The parabolic curved mirrors focus the sun’s rays onto the cook ring but the mirrors stay cool to the touch, which means no accidental burns from bumping into it. And the cut-out at the back allows for easy access to the cook ring. You can pull your chair right up to it SolSource Sport, and not worry about heat or smoke.

The cooking area is a sturdy ring set in the middle of the mirrors. This design allows you to use any of your own pots, pans,  or griddle, with no need to get special cooking equipment. Just point it at the sun, and you are ready to go.

This 100% Environmentally Friendly Cooking Method is Perfect Anywhere.

Many wilderness areas have burn restrictions, and carrying wood or coal for fires can be a hassle. The SolSource Sport eliminates the need for fuel! This means a hot meal, even in a no fire area. And no flame means no smoke getting in your eyes, and no smoke adding pollution to the air.

Food will heat up, as long as the sun is 25 degrees above the horizon.  SolSource Sport even works if there is snow on the ground, and has been successfully tested in up to 30 mph winds.

SolSource Sport is not JUST for Camping!
solar oven for outdoor use

Because SolSource Sport is so compact, efficient and easy to use, it makes sense to add it to your Alternative Lifestyle! Set it up on the patio or backyard as part of your summer kitchen. Keep one handy in case of environmental emergencies or power outages to cook, or boil water. And the SolSource Sport is perfect for anyone who wants to be off-the-grid, but doesn’t want to constantly deal with fuel issues.

The SolSource Sport is the Solar Cooking upgrade that everyone has been waiting for! Now being offered on Kickstarter

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