Oct 25

Biodiesel Runs Texas man’s vehicles – home made solution and friends help out

I found this interesting article from SW Texas about a fellow who brews up his own biodiesel fule for his truck and makes it go on a fraction of what retail gas costs. It is small town America at its best. He has a freind who runs a restaurant and can provide the oil needed …

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Oct 24

Hydrogen fuel cells payoff, a ways down the road?

Source:Chicago Tribune CHICAGO –Imagine a world in which oil barons are forced to peddle sand because the U.S. no longer buys their oil to make gas. And imagine a world where you can take a deep breath without inhaling waste or having to look north to see whether the former polar ice cap is about …

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Oct 23

Google goes for sun power on its buildings

Well Google this past week announced that they would be implementing solar energy systems on the roofs of their corporate offices in the Bay Area. You can only imagine the splash this got in the world of the Internet and corporate news. Google is on the pages of the worlds news almost everyday and this …

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Oct 19

Solar News Highlights

Solar Power 2006CNET News.com – San Francisco,CA,USA The Cruise Car, a solar-powered golf cart that can crank up to 22 miles an hour, was among the devices on display this week at the Solar Power 2006 Conference … Googleplex to go in for solar powerDaily News & Analysis – Mumbai,India … A Google executive said …

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Oct 17

Latest Wind Power News

Kaye Scholer Announces Watershed Legal Victory for Wind Power … Yahoo! News (press release) – USA … and its conservation director, Peter Galvin (“CBD”), against the wind power operators in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area (“APWRA”). … Another hidden subsidy for wind power The Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK MR Dekker and Mr Morton in their …

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Oct 16

Push for “plug in cars” – Hybrids

Recently at an National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Odyssey Day event in Michigan a professor from UC Davis spoke out about the need for the American public to stand up and demand not just Hybrid cars from the American auto makers but a “plug in” version of those cars. He says it is time to tell …

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Oct 13

Is the US DOE Committing to Ethanol Growth?

Omaha, Neb. (October 10, 2006) – Consumers can enjoy the ride now, but tumbling gas prices must not slow the movement to a domestic renewable energy policy. In July, the Commerce Department reported that America’s foreign oil bill climbed nearly five percent, to a record total of nearly one billion dollars a day. “Ethanol is …

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Oct 12

Vermonters debate clean energy versus ruining the view

Vermont is a state known for its environmental progressiveness on many issues. When it was proposed that wind power be implemented to take advantage of wind energy flowing over its scenic hills and mountains the first reaction was generally positive. Now however some folks are taking a hard stance against the building of these new …

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Oct 09

Biodiesel Fuel and Getting Around On A New Energy Source

One of the new and emerging energy solutions is biodiesel fuel for cars and equipment. This fuel that is created from natural oils is gaining wide acceptance across the coutnry, first by rabid green advocates, but more and more these days by average consumers concerned about the rising problem of oil and its implications on …

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Oct 09

Biodiesel production ranges from factory output to home brew

Many consumers are looking into new ways to power their lives these days and get off the big oil treadmill. They are looking for cleaner and less environmentally impactful fules to run their machinery, cars and trucks on each day. One of the emerging fules that has many folks changing over is biodiesel. Biodiesel is …

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Sep 29

Scientists looking into how to store wind power energy

Engineers and sceintists are looking into new and innovative ways to store the energy produced by wind power over in Ireland. This looks to be a promising area for research. Instead of letting the energy slip away or only be used for current demand (no pun intended) situations they may be able to find a …

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Sep 29

Solar Power commercial

You just have to see this innovative solar power commercial.

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Sep 29

Solar How To:

Check out this personal how to on building a cheap solar power set up.

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Sep 27

What would you pick as the top three?

The world debates and frets over what to do about energy. Research goes on but in the end it will come down to consumers making choices that help set the course for the market place as to what gets built. Do we get electric cars again? Do houses get built with solar panels on them …

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Sep 25

Running on Empty?

The world is in a big turmoil over our use of oil, dirty energy sources and creation of greenhouse gases. Alternative energies are slowly gaining a foothold. Stay tuned as we bring you the world of developing alternative energy sources. We explore solar energy, bio diesel, wind power, and much much more.

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