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LED Lighting Retrofit

SCS Energy Solutions Announces The Completion of The LED Lighting Retrofit Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA)

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Two multi-level parking garages and subterranean guest parking floors were upgraded to energy efficient lighting. Existing fixtures were retrofit with state of the art SCS lighting products, and in many locations out of date luminaires were completely replaced with energy efficient LED luminaires.

Through innovative use of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s Commercial Lighting Incentive Program and by utilizing latest integrated sensor technology, the entire scope of the LED changeover was provided for ZERO out of pocket cost to CHLA.

Fluorescent T8 lighting Before / LED T8 Lighting After
Fluorescent T8 lighting Before / LED T8 Lighting After
Parking Garage Rooftop 400w HPS Fixture Replaced with 60w LED Fixture
Parking Garage Rooftop 400w HPS Fixture Replaced with 60w LED Fixture

SCS Energy Solutions also collaborated with The Parking Company of America to coordinate fixture installations in high traffic areas and bring CHLA a substantial amount of energy savings. The lighting upgrade qualifies CHLA for LEED certification and greatly improves the quality and longevity of all lighting fixtures.

Savings by the numbers:
Total kWh saved: 580,261 kWh
Estimated Cost Savings per year: $84,137 ($0.145 kWh rate)
Total Savings during 10 Year LED Lifetime: $841,378*
Total Amount Spent by CHLA: $0.00
*Assuming no kWh rate increase

How it Happened
Parking Company of America approached SCS Energy Solutions in October of 2016 in search of innovative energy efficiency initiatives for their customers and partners.

With the collective goal of providing optimal value at the lowest possible cost, SCS and PCA highlighted customers with high kWh lighting demands, putting together comprehensive energy efficiency plans utilizing rebate incentive programs offered by municipal utility companies.

As a trade ally of LADWP, SCS is uniquely positioned to maximize rebate incentives and offer the lighting upgrade and installation for zero out of pocket cost for eligible participants.

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