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Homemade Solar Ovens – How to Make a Solar Oven In 12 Easy Steps

One fun and simple project that you can do at home to make use of the sun’s radiant energy is homemade solar ovens. This step-by step guide shows you how to make a solar oven using things lying around your house. At worst, you may have to go to the local dollar store and spend a couple of bucks.

Materials that you will need:

– Cardboard
– Scissors
– Non-toxic Glue
– Plastic Wrap
– Large And Small Cardboard Boxes
– Aluminum Foil
– Newspaper
– Pencils
– Non-toxic Invisible Tape
– Black Construction Paper
– Stapler

Here are the steps on how to make a solar oven:

1. Locate two cardboard boxes, one slightly larger than the other. The smaller box should be able to fit inside the larger box. A 2-3 inch space between the boxes should be enough.
2. Put aluminum foils on the inside of each box, secured with the glue or tape.
3. Put crumpled newspaper at the bottom of the large box.
4. Put the smaller box in the large box.
5. Fill the space between the two boxes with crumpled up newspaper.
6. Put black construction paper on the bottom of the inside of the small box.
7. Find a large piece of cardboard that extends approximately 2 inches beyond the outside of the larger box. Cut it down to size, if necessary. This mounts on top and acts as a reflector.
8. Use aluminum foil to wrap the cardboard piece. Use a non-toxic glue or tape and make sure to stretch it so that it’s flat.
9. On the large box, fasten the reflector to the outside back with the stapler.
10. Position the oven with the box opening up. The reflector should be facing the sun and slightly tilted to reflect the sun’s rays directly into the box for utmost heat.
11. Put the food in your new oven.
12. Extend the clear plastic wrap crossways the top of the large box. Use tape on the plastic.

That’s it. Now you wait. These are very basic directions on how to make a solar oven. Keep in mind that basic homemade solar ovens are not built to be able to roast a 20 pound turkey, but it’s fun to use on smaller items.

The sun’s energy can be used for many things, including creating your own electricity. Check out these DIY residential solar power and windmill power reviews to learn more. Once you experience this for yourself, you can decide if you are ready to move on to bigger and better things.

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