Jan 09

Good News for Homeowners with Main Line Sewer Problems

If you are having a problem with your main sewer line and believe it is time to replace it, you are likely to be dreading the cost. After all, the labor alone can be very expensive. You will need to have long trenches dug, so the sewer line can be removed segment by segment, and then a new sewer line can be laid down. There is also the potential for damage to your property when a backhoe is brought in to dig the trenches. In addition, if your property is old enough, there may be obstructions to digging such as trees or cement that has been constructed over time. However, there is now a new way to deal with a main line problem.

The trenchless solution
There is a modern technology that can solve any leakage issue your main sewer line may have, and this is done without tearing up your property. A trenchless solution can be used for the entire line and will last as long as a newly installed main sewer would.

How it works
A plumbing contractor will push through a cable from the beginning of the drain line all the way to end where it connects with the sewer line in the street. It is then pulled back slowly through the drain line, and a special attachment cracks the inside of the sewer pipes. After this is accomplished, a hose that sprays an epoxy substance is sent through the line to provide a complete seal of the inside of the pipe. After the epoxy cures, the entire pipe is then sealed and will be leak free.

Advantages of this solution
Of course, the time it takes to complete this is much less than a traditional trench digging. There is also the savings on a new pipe that would normally be laid down. It should be pointed out that on some properties, in order to access the drain line, a small hole will have to be dug, but this is small compared to an entire trench that is the length of the drain line. An additional advantage to this type of technology is you will be less likely to have problems with your drain stopping up, especially from tree roots. With no seams between the pipe segments, it becomes more difficult for tree roots to find their way into the drain line.

You should get a quote on a trenchless water line installation, but if you have any doubts about the differences, you can request a quote for a traditional installation of a new drain pipe as well.



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