Sep 18

EV Week In San Francisco

Electric Vehicles are popping up all over the automotive landscape as many car manufacturers are getting on board with producing hybrid or all EV cars to meet the growing demand of consumers who want to avoid the gas pump as much as they can or altogether in the case of plug in vehicles. This week in San Francisco EV Week was launched. This special effort to bring EV awareness to the SF Bay Area is aimed at giving consumers a chance to check out EVs up lose and to even test drive them. Alternative Energy HQ attended the kick off of this event and we created the video below to give you a taste of what went on at EV Week. OK so we got a little excited while there, they let me drive the new BMW EV the AtiveE. It is a great ride. Only available as a lease right now but in the SF area they have begun a program called Drive Now where you can rent one by the hour if your to drive in style and all electric….

More info on EV Week:

EV Week – What You Need to Know!
Help Make San Francisco the EV Capital of America

WHAT – An exposition of the coolest Plug-in and Electric Vehicles and EV Charging Stations, along with EV Week partners such as SF Environment, PG&E, City Car Share, and many more!

WHERE – Justin Herman Plaza

WHEN – September 17-18, 2012, EXPO 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM; RIDE AND DRIVES 11:00 – 3:00 PM
See Toyota’s new RAV4 EV and Plug-in Prius, the Tesla Model S, the Nissan Leaf, BMW’s Active E, the Fisker Karma, the Ford Focus, the Mitsubishi MiEV, the Honda Fit EV and Coda Automotive.

SunPower Corporation, who has solar partnerships with car companies and others, will demonstrate how a solar array can work to power EV charging stations; see the Plugshare app for finding electric vehicle charging stations, plus music and entertainment during lunchtime.

Employers can sign up and reserve “ride and drives” for their employees! To reserve your spot please email or call 415.559.9993.

EV Week is FREE and open to the general public. It is a community event to engage consumers, local businesses and large employers in an educational and “fun” expo and “corporate ride and drives” focused on plug-ins and electric vehicles.

Our Goals:

To bring the latest technology and cars to San Francisco, to showcase the manufacturers and companies in the EV sector, to provide factual information on owning, leasing, sharing electric vehicles, and how and where to charge EVs.
To provide consumer experience with all available cars and “corporate test drives” through the streets of San Francisco;
To showcase level 2 and FAST CHARGE electric vehicle charging infrastructure in residential buildings and neighborhoods, public spaces, and private commercial buildings in San Francisco.
To declare San Francisco as a city well on its way to becoming the EV Capital of America.

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