Mar 02

Energy By Water – The Other Name is Convenience

So you have decided to get your own generator. This is a good decision. Since, electricity is getting increasingly expensive day by day, it’s better to find a solution that is cheap and affordable; a generator that is powerful enough to power your entire house. There are many options to select from, windmills, solar panels or hydro power. But which one is the best for you?

Wind mills are powerful as they can provide several megawatts of electrical energy. You can go for that option if you have the proportionate investment at hand. It is definitely expensive to install! Furthermore, they occupy so much space that you must also own wide land where you can drop them. What about solar panels? This technology is getting better day by day. Firstly, because it’s only effective during half of the day when the sun is shining bright and secondly the technology is relatively new. It is complex to maintain and it can be a risky investment.

How about Hydro power? Now you are talking. Hydro power is the most reliable and affordable solution for an individual. Don’t be scared with giant generators. There is a perfect solution for you. Energy By Water brings you a compact and cost-efficient generator that is not only sufficient for your energy needs but is convenient too. Its simple design makes it a perfect pick for people who are not tech savvy. Anyone can use it.

Easy to Install, Easy to Operate

You do not have to be technically proficient to install it. The installation is simple and intuitive. The accompanying guides will help you set the thing up in no time. Operation is also easy. You just have to fill the tank with clear water, switch it on and Tada…

Does Not Need Running Water Supply
Most hydro power generators require you to have a source of running water supply like a lake or pond to get the engine running. Energy By Water provides you convenience by eliminating this criterion. With the latest technology, the generator recycles the water after it has used it for the production of electricity. You don’t need to provide it with an active supply of water.

By your House
The compact size of the generator permits you to keep it near your house. You do not need to find a place specially dedicated for the machine. Unlike other generators that require a huge area, Energy By Water can fit in anywhere.

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