Apr 12

Making Your Manufacturing Facility an Eco-Friendly Environment


In the past, manufacturing facilities were notoriously known for their harmful effects on the environment. Today’s companies are much more in tune with the environment as managers seek out intelligent ways to reduce their impact on the world around them. Consider the steps taken today that help a company thrive and preserve the environment at the same time.

Consider Solar Energy

solar energyOne of the simplest changes that makes a big impact on the environment is solar energy. Facilities don’t have to rely on electricity derived from fossil fuels. In fact, solar energy can be harnessed and utilized with no real changes to the assembly-line floor. Companies simply need a panel installation on their rooftops. Energy flows into their electrical panels without any harm to the environment. This off-the-grid energy is particularly useful for manufacturers in rural areas.

Switch Out Machinery Lubricants

When you work with sheet metal or similar components, manufacturers need to cool their parts as they’re being constructed. Cooling lubricants, such as during MQL machining, course across the metal items on a daily basis. Many of these lubricants aren’t eco-friendly, however. Consider organic oils for the machinery. They’ll remain lubricated and cool, but without harming the environment as they’re discarded after several uses. Your products may turn out with better quality by using these lubricants too.

Update Worn Components

Machinery used for manufacturing is constantly under stress. Metal parts slowly wear down, which contributes to environmental harm. Worn parts force the machine to work harder and draw more electricity. Fumes and other airborne particles enter the atmosphere where they add to the ozone problems currently forming across the globe. By keeping up with regular maintenance, these machines run more efficiently for the manufacturer while preserving the environment.

Recycle Discarded Items

Manufacturers should also look into recycling programs for their components. Tools, raw materials and other items might be routinely tossed into the trash. Contributing to landfill-waste volumes is another negative environmental impact on the world. By recycling as many items as possible, manufacturers improve their relationship with the earth. Monetary gains might develop from recycling too, which motivates more companies to help out the world.

Employee behavior can also contribute to a company’s environmental impact. Workers might recycle their plastic containers and drink from reusable water bottles during the workday. Any small contribution to the environment will only help the earth remain green and healthy for many years to come.




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