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We are now set up so that approved Guest Writers can add content directly to Please register here ( and then send an email with subject line “AlternativeEnergyHQ Guest Writer” to along with one or more sample articles, links to articles, or ideas for articles that you would like to contribute.

Our staff will review and approve your submissions. Please note that each article can include up to (3) links to your blog, website, or relevant alternative energy company websites or sustainability resources. Approved articles will have content that is informational and not just self-promotional. Case Studies and Press Releases are accepted, but we prefer content that is at least 30% original from other postings online.

We welcome writing that addresses solar, wind power, alternative energy sources, sustainability and energy intelligence.

Qualifications & Terms of Use:

By using this AlternativeEnergyHQ Contributing Author service, you must abide by the following:

  • You must be registered with AlternativeEnergyHQ and have a valid email address.
  • Your postings must be constructive in nature, and pertain to “alt energy” topics; from reflections on daily life to interests, events, trends, performance case studies and more.
  • Guest Writers may make up to four (4) submissions per month to  AlternativeEnergyHQ.
  • Guest Writers will make every effort to conduct adequate research when citing statistics and provide sources accordingly.
  • By submitting your writing to AlternativeEnergyHQ, you give full permission to have your material featured in the AlternativeEnergyHQ News section.
  • We understand that your writing is your property by law. You keep all copyrights.

AlternativeEnergyHQ makes no guarantee that your work will meet approval for publishing 100% of the time. Our editorial team may make recommendations for content improvements on a case-by-case basis, and you may accept the recommendations at your discretion.

We look forward to reviewing your content and ideas for articles.

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