RSS Feeds available from Alternative Energy HQ 

Right click on the RSS button and select “Copy Shortcut” to take the feed to your favorite feed reader or use the content in that feed on your own website.

Alternative Energy Alternative Energy News-This will pull all the AES
Solar Power Solar Power-This will pull every recent post that includes solar power
wind power Wind Power-This pulls everything written at AEHQ about wind power
biodiesel Biodiesel-Pulls biodiesel news and articles
Hybrid cars Hybrid-This pulls news and posts about hybrid car technology
Battery Technology Battery Technology-Pulls info on the latest battery technology
ethanol Ethanol-Pulls all recent posts about ethanol
Press Releases Press releases-Pulls anything that contains industry press releases

Above are feeds already created for you to use. If you want to create a custom feed on any keyword likely to turn up posts made here at AEHQ in the past, just type a keyword or phrase below and you will have a totally unique RSS feed to post on your site!



EXAMPLE: Say you want a feed from Alt Energy HQ that includes any post that mentions “Biodiesel.” Just type in biodiesel in the box above and you will see the RSS code window pop up. You can see I talk about biodiesel a lot by the number of “Items” that show up.

Not only will you get this feed and all the items that are CURRENTLY at AEHQ, but every time we post in the future about your term, the feed will automatically update just like regular feeds do!

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