Jan 30

Two Future Trends in Sustainable Building & Design

solar building

Source (Creative Commons CC0) Sustainable building practices are the future of not just construction but converting existing buildings to be more green. Future trends in sustainable building design look toward products like solar panels and LED light bulbs for direction. Solar Panels The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently proposed adding 115,984 megawatts (MW) of solar …

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Jan 30

Solar Power Plant on Repurposed Land in Japan

solar plant

KYOCERA TCL Solar Completes 21.1MW Solar Power Plant on Repurposed Land in Japan Providing equivalent annual power supply for approx. 7,730 households Kyocera Corporation and Tokyo Century Corporation announced today that Kyocera TCL Solar LLC has completed construction of a 21.1 megawatt (MW) utility-scale solar power plant in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. 78,144 Kyocera …

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Jan 25

480-Megawatt Solar Power Project

KYOCERA and 7 Other Companies Announce Progress of Development Plan for Max. 480-Megawatt Solar Power Project Companies exploring plan to construct and operate solar power project located on agricultural land on Ukujima island, Nagasaki, Japan Kyocera Corporation, Kyudenko Corporation, and Mizuho Bank, Limited which have been jointly investigating the possibility of operating a maximum 480-megawatt …

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Jan 22

Reaction To Administration’s Section 201 Case

SolarWorld reacts to President Trump’s remedy decision in Section 201 case HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan. 22, 2017 – Today, President Donald Trump issued a determination on remedies in the Section 201 Global Safeguards trade case on behalf of the U.S. solar photovoltaic cell and panel manufacturing industry.  SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest U.S. crystalline-silicon cell and panel …

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Jan 19

Does your state care about the planet?

The results may surprise you Amigo Energy, a subsidiary of the Just Energy Group, has released its States that Care about the Planet report this week. In an analysis of Google Trends data and state statistics, Amigo’s team learned that air quality was a top priority in Utah—where Salt Lake City is home to some …

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Jan 17

Smart Solar Light

smart solar light

MPOWERD harnesses the full potential of sustainable, portable energy with the new Luci® Pro Series: Mobile Smart solar light with two-way USB grants peace of mind during emergencies, disaster preparedness, outdoors, on the road and beyond MPOWERD, Inc., the mission-driven brand behind the award-winning Luci® inflatable solar light, announces their longest lasting light yet, the …

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Jan 05


rooftop solar nevada

AS COAL AND NUCLEAR EXPERIENCE SHARP DECLINES Washington DC – In the latest issue of its “Energy Infrastructure Update” (with data through November 30, 2017), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) notes that proposed net additions to generating capacity by utility-scale wind and solar could total 115,984 megawatts (MW) by December 2020 – effectively doubling their current …

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Jan 03

Experiments boost solar power

LAWRENCE — With global warming an ever-present worry, renewable energy – particularly solar power — is a burgeoning field. Now, two doctoral students in the School of Architecture & Design (Arc/D) have demonstrated methods of optimizing the capture of sunlight in experiments at the Center for Design Research. Green-roof boost Mohammed Alshayeb started by asking …

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Dec 12

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

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Dec 08

Solar power advances possible with new ‘double-glazing’ device

New ‘double-glazed’ solar power device opens up fresh opportunities to develop more advanced photovoltaics – invented by University of Warwick researchers Totally new way of collecting solar energy – using gas rather than vacuum to collect electricity – inspired by early 20th century ideas Researchers currently seeking optimal material for device – one possibility is diamond …

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Nov 28

Solar Boat’s Great Loop Trek Powered By Torqeedo

Capt. Jim Greer and his solar boat RA returned to their home port in New Port Richey, Florida, Nov. 8, after completing a 7,200-mile voyage running totally on solar panels, batteries and an all-electric propulsion system provided by Torqeedo. The Great Loop voyage took RA from Florida up the East Coast, through the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi and across …

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Oct 31

Solar Border Wall – What Could It Mean?

trump solar border wall

“How would a giant solar panel system on the border wall affect electricity prices throughout southern Texas” (Kevin O’Brien) Donald Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Then he said Mexico would be paying “at a later date so we can get started early.” Now it looks like America’s southern neighbor might …

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Oct 30

Using Insulation as Your Best-efficient Energy Saving Tool

No matter if you live in a brand new building or older home, there is no valid reason why you should suffer through extreme winters and sweltering summer temperatures. Living in homes built before the 80s could require some upgrades related to energy efficiency. Somewhere along the vivid 80s, nature activists succeeded at making insulation …

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Oct 11

Biomass System

Energy Commission Approves Biomass System in Shasta County and Zero-Percent Loan for Solar System in Soledad Schools New energy standards approved for Lancaster SACRAMENTO – The California Energy Commission today approved a $1.5 million grant to demonstrate a containerized biomass-to-energy system in Shasta County as part of the state’s effort at creating economic drivers to support renewable energy that also …

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Oct 10

Biodiesel Producers Fight Efforts to Roll Back Biodiesel Volumes

Groups Also Cite Benefits of Re-instatement, Reform of Federal Biodiesel Tax Incentive   Two weeks after calling EPA’s notice announcing potential cuts to biodiesel volumes under the Renewable Fuel Standard a ‘bait-and-switch’ tactic, Senator Chuck Grassley spoke directly Tuesday with those the proposal would harm.  At Renewable Energy Group’s (NASDAQ: REGI) Newton, Iowa biorefinery, the message from …

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Sep 29

Trump Admin Proposing Outrageous Bailout of Nuclear and Coal

September 29, 2017 Miles Farmer  Originally posted on NRDC Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry just proposed a massive bailout for coal and nuclear power plants. The radical and unprecedented move is couched under a false premise that power plants with fuel located on site are needed to guarantee the reliability of the electricity system. The proposal …

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Sep 20

Solar Power Becomes World’s Favorite

rooftop solar nevada

Solar eclipses all other new types of electricity generation in 2016 to become the world’s favourite, says GlobalData Solar has become the world’s favorite new type of electricity generation, with more solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity being installed than any other generation technology according to GlobalData, a recognized leader in providing business information and analytics. The company’s …

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Sep 15

Offshore Wind Energy in UK

offshore wind energy

It’s official: UK offshore wind reaches price parity with fossil fuels – and Lloyd’s Register is a driving force 15 September 2017 – Three new windfarms are to be built in the UK as offshore wind prices reach their lowest levels ever. This follows research published by Lloyd’s Register in February 2017 revealing that the majority of …

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Sep 15

Most Efficient Form Of Renewable Energy

NJIT Online

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Sep 14

Nuclear Energy in the UK

nuclear power

Proving once again that despite the seeming efficiency of Nuclear power, the disadvantages of Nuclear far outweigh the obvious advantages of Solar Power. Not only is Solar power renewable and abundant, it’s also far more environmentally friendly. Wherever the sun shines, Solar Power can be generated. It can take hundreds of years or more for …

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