Jun 23

Solar Shingles Ready For Prime Time?

Recently, Tesla announced that orders would begin to be accepted for the long anticipated solar shingles Elon Musk has been promising. Despite the hype, our analysts have concluded that solar roof shingles are not presently an efficient or cost-effective way for homeowners to go solar. This article will explain why. Starting later this summer limited …

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Jun 13

Americans Want to Use More Renewable Energy

New Study: Americans Want to Use More Renewable Energy WASHINGTON— A new study by University of Washington researchers has found that a majority of Americans would prefer to use renewable energy at home if given the option. Individuals surveyed in the project, published in June by the journal Energy Policy, indicated they would shift electricity use to cut …

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Jun 05

Natural Gas Trucks Driving A Coast-To-Coast Road Rally

JUNE 5, 2017 Spotlight One Way To Improve Southern California Air Quality; Benefits Of Natural Gas-Fueled Trucks And Cars Are Being Demonstrated Through A 4,825-Mile Cross-Country Rally Sponsored By NGVAmerica LONG BEACH, Calif., – Several heavy-duty trucks and other vehicles powered by natural gas began a coast-to-coast road trip today that will span from Long Beach …

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Jun 05

Climate Change – Trump Pulling Out of Paris Agreement

I was going to write up my take on the news of last week regarding Trump’s head in the sand decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. But then I saw John Oliver’s take on it last night and felt this would say it way better than I could. Watch and understand …

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Jun 02

Solar Oven – Take It With You And Cook From The Sun

It’s always exciting when an old idea gets a fresh update. People have been cooking with the Sun’s energy for years, but the SolSource Sport takes the cumbersome and slow Solar Oven concept, and adds turbo boosters! Now you can cook, grill, steam, boil and even pressure cook, using the lightweight SolSource Sport anywhere and …

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Jun 01


ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF NEW SOLAR PRODUCT THE MOBILE MAXCLEAR™ On March 22nd, the day that the United Nations designated as World Water Day, a small company in Princeton, NJ provides a solution for a big problem: giving poor people around the globe access to clean water for drinking, hygiene and farming. Yesterday, WorldWater & Solar …

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May 26

The Beginner’s Guide to Climate Change

If you’ve paid attention to the news over the past few years, you’ve heard of climate change. However, the issue of climate change is immense and can feel overwhelming to people who don’t have a background in science. To clear up the confusion, we’ve put together this list of answers to questions you might have …

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May 23

New Wind Turbines – Competitive Pricing

Senvion announces highly competitive new wind turbines Industry-leading LCoE and modular design aimed at North American market Senvion, a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, presents the Senvion 3.6M140 at this year’s AWEA Windpower conference. The company is also announcing the adaptation of its new series of modular two-megawatt class turbines, the 2XM series, to …

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May 11

Plans For Future Hybrid Pickup Trucks

  Hybrid and electric vehicles of all kinds are becoming significantly more common these days. Many different companies are introducing their own versions. Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are much more energy-efficient. They run on clean energy, thus making them better for the environment. Many of them are safer to use in general, and they …

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May 03

Renewable Energy Sources Now Almost One-Fifth Of The Nation’s Total Generating Capacity

WIND + SOLAR PROVIDE MAJORITY OF NEW GENERATING CAPACITY IN FIRST QUARTER 2017   Washington DC – According to the latest issue of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) monthly “Energy Infrastructure Update” (with data through March 31, 2017), wind and solar provided 50.84% of the new electrical generating capacity added to the U.S. grid during …

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May 03

Power-Blox uses swarm power to create intelligent autonomous energy grids

The ‘Plug and Power’ technology behind Power-Blox enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to create an autonomous, decentralized, Swarm Grid to power schools, hospitals or an entire village without any management, configuration or maintenance Swiss startup, Power-Blox, has developed a new technology that mimics complex systems in nature to create fully autonomous power grids anywhere …

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May 03

Battery-Electric Refuse Truck

  LONG BEACH, CALIF. – May 3, 2017— BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, today formally introduced its class 8 battery-electric refuse truck at the 2017 ACT Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center. This new vehicle from BYD represents the first heavy-duty refuse truck designed and built by an original equipment manufacturer …

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Apr 25

Electric Yard Truck

Demo Begins of BYD Electric Yard Truck at Port Authority of New York and New Jersey   PANYNJ to Test Battery-Electric Truck at Red Hook Facility for Several Weeks   The BYD Class 8 yard truck, which can operate for 10+ hours between charges, on its way to Red Hook.    BYD, the world’s largest …

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Apr 25

What Do Global Renewable Energy Trends Mean for Industry Providers?

Despite some pushback from the Trump administration, there’s no stopping renewable energy. Renewables continue to surge, while U.S. coal production has dropped to its lowest level since 1978. Although initiatives to resuscitate a dying coal industry remain, such as Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s push for coal mining expansion, renewable energy isn’t going anywhere. The abundant …

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Apr 24

Roof solar installations and solar power in the house: An option for every household?

Most new home owners or those who are taking the well-being of our planet into consideration are familiar with the words, “solar roofs”. These roofs are made out of solar shingles or panels that get installed on the roof of ones house. Solar shingles can be called photovoltaic shingles and they look like and function …

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Apr 19

Bus Stop Solar Lighting

Urban Solar is pleased to announce it has been awarded a three-year contract to supply its PV Stop lighting systems to the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) after successfully winning a competitive solicitation. OCTA chose Urban Solar’s PV Stop to increase safety for riders, further enhancing its bus stop amenities. The PV Stop is a …

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Apr 14

Taylor Farms® Introduces Three-Part Renewable and Alternative Energy System

Taylor Farms, the leading producer of value-added produce and healthy fresh foods in North America, unveiled today its latest sustainability project at the company’s Gonzales, California facility. The facility will now utilize wind, solar and cogeneration energy systems, making it the first advanced system of its kind in the agriculture industry. View photos   Combined, …

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Apr 13

Solar Security Lights – Plug in to the sun for security

solar security lights

Solar powered products are everywhere these days taking away our need to plugin all of our energy needs. Solar security lights are a developing market for solar. By introducing a small charging panel to an exterior protected light with an on board battery home owners or business owners now have a way to secure their …

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Apr 12

Making Your Manufacturing Facility an Eco-Friendly Environment

  In the past, manufacturing facilities were notoriously known for their harmful effects on the environment. Today’s companies are much more in tune with the environment as managers seek out intelligent ways to reduce their impact on the world around them. Consider the steps taken today that help a company thrive and preserve the environment …

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Apr 12

Solar Umbrella – Keeping You Cool and Powered at Beach

Leaf for life: A re-imagined beach solar umbrella, one which produces energy and no longer blows away The “Leaf for Life” umbrella is a patented French invention with an innovative design, which uses the wind to anchor it securely to the ground.  With its solar panel, “Leaf” can also produce enough energy to charge a …

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