Dec 09

Upgrading Your Home With Qualified General Contractors

Remodeling a home is a large undertaking that requires planning, thought, inspiration, and a lot of practicality. It also requires a lot of skill and experience on the part of the homeowner and the general contractor who oversees the project. That’s why it’s so important for anyone considering a home remodel to look carefully before …

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Nov 23

Solar power could become cheaper and more widespread

Solar cells can be made with tin instead of lead, Warwick scientists find Breakthrough to make solar power cheaper and more commercially viable Solar power could be used in mobile phones, laptops and cars A breakthrough in solar power could make it cheaper and more commercially viable, thanks to research at the University of Warwick. …

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Nov 17

Energy Efficiency Gains But More Is Needed

 World Energy Council Energy Efficiency report applauds progress but seeks further commitment to deliver the promise Action to be stimulated at COP22 in Marrakesh Over the last 15 years’ energy efficiency improvements have saved the world 3.1 gigatonnes (Gtoe) of primary energy consumption and 7Gt of Co2, in 2014 equating to 23% of global energy …

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Oct 27

Rooftop Solar Panels For Arena

VIVINT SOLAR INSTALLS MORE THAN 2,700 ROOFTOP SOLAR PANELS AT VIVINT SMART HOME ARENA   Solar array represents one of the largest rooftop solar energy systems among indoor sports venues in the United States Vivint Solar (NYSE: VSLR), a leading full-service residential solar provider, today announced the installation of more than 2,700 rooftop …

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Oct 12

Navy and Energy Commission Agree to Partner on Renewable Energy Projects

The California Energy Commission and the Department of the Navy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today that will help the state and the Navy and Marine Corps continue to operate on the cutting edge of technology by pursuing innovative renewable energy initiatives. Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller and Assistant Secretary of the Navy …

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Oct 03

Battery-Powered Ferries Provide Clean Energy Transport

PBES Lithium Energy Storage Selected for new HH Ferries Contract Norwegian/Canadian PBES awarded supply contract for words largest battery-­?powered ferries  Plan B Energy Storage (PBES) today announced the energy storage supply contract for the two largest battery-­?powered ferries in the world. Each of the two Scandlines Helsingborg-­?Helsingör ferries will have 4.16 MWh batteries to provide …

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Sep 30

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

  “What is the use of a house if you don’t have a decent planet to put it on?” This is what the author and naturalist Henry David Thoreau first asked back the 19th century, and his question still applies to our lives today. Because if we’re not living sustainably– then we’re slowly ruining our …

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Sep 26

Saint Lucia is Making a Big Commitment to Solar Power

The Government of Saint Lucia has a target of generating 35% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. This pristine island currently depends on dirty diesel generators for power, but has ambitious goals to revolutionize its economy with solar, wind, and geothermal energy. Solar represents the easiest attainable resource, and Saint Lucia is already famous for its …

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Sep 15

Best Solar Panels for Off Grid Systems

Looking for the best solar panels for off grid systems? Need to know what to buy and which is the best system. These videos will guide you to the knowledge you need to be a solid consumer if you are going to integrate solar to your off grid lifestyle.   Stupid-Easy Solar for Going Off …

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Sep 15

The Truth About Solar Power

This video “The Truth About Solar” gives a very interesting tour of the solar landscape in 2016 and looks at the future of solar power development.   Source: For a long time, solar power has been very much hated from a cost-benefit standpoint but things are starting to turn around for the technology. Around the …

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Aug 31

Higher Wind and Solar Generation in the Eastern Power Grid

NREL opens data to help planners and regulators understand implications of higher wind and solar generation August 31, 2016 – A new study from the United States Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) used high-performance computing capabilities and innovative visualization tools to model, in unprecedented detail, how the power grid of the …

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Aug 24

Energizing Veterans for Solar Careers


Solar Jobs For Veterans As we all know leaving the military after fighting for our country can bring a variety of problems for veterans to cope with in the outside world. Jobs can be hard to find, adjusting to life can be difficult. So it is refreshing to see efforts being made to help get …

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Aug 23

Virtual power plant: System Will Be a Game Changer for Renewable Energy

  Virtual power plant: that sounds like part of a video game like “SimCity” or “Cities: Skylines” — but it’s not. The virtual power plant (VPP) is a real, up-and-coming energy source. It’s a widespread collection of modest power systems with one control site that runs them like a single power plant. The control room …

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Aug 08

Chemists Discover New Innovative Carbon Capture Method

Embed from Getty Images A new and greener way to adsorb carbon dioxide has been discovered by a team of scientists at the University of York. This development is significant, because although human activity has been creating more CO2 than the ecosystem can handle, there hasn’t been a relatively eco-friendly way to combat it. Our …

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Jul 27

Clean Energy in Puget Sound Region

SolTerra Recognized for Providing Jobs and Clean Energy in the Puget Sound Region Solar power is a booming business worldwide, and local installer SolTerra is among the companies recently named to an annual and well-recognized list of North America’s top solar contractors. SolTerra achieved a rank of 258 out of 500 solar companies. The Top …

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Jul 26

Solar Cost Calculator

Modernize Launches ModSun Solar Cost Calculator for Homeowners Nationwide Human-Centered Approach to Going Solar Leverages Industry-Leading Technology  Modernize, the online service that connects homeowners with contractors specializing in energy-efficient home improvement projects, today announced the launch of ModSun, an easy-to-use residential solar panel cost calculator focused on providing a transparent, human-centered approach to going solar. …

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Jul 26

Solar Impulse

Flight to the future: Solar Impulse shows we can run the world without consuming the earth Embed from Getty Images By Ulrich Spiesshofer, President and CEO, ABB Solar Impulse has made history by completing the first flight around the world in a plane powered only by energy from the sun. Its achievement is a tremendous …

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Jul 21

Wind Energy In Texas

Power Up: Check Out Target’s New Wind Energy Partnership in Texas   Take a drive down Highway 87 near Lubbock, Texas, and you’ll come upon a forest of 262-foot-tall wind turbines, turning slowly but powerfully in the breeze. It may seem like you’ve entered a fantasy world, but you’ve actually ventured onto a wind farm—and those …

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Jul 15

New tool calculates emissions impacts, energy benefits from smart grid investments

Greenhouse and other emissions may vary Use of “Smart Grid” technologies can impact carbon emissions — but by how much? A new Emissions Quantification Tool can estimate the answer to that question. RICHLAND, Wash. – “Smart grid” technologies significantly reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions resulting from power production and usage. Taken together, smart grid …

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Jul 11

Five Fire Stations in North San Diego County Now 100 Percent Solar-Powered

  Installations by Sullivan Solar Power with Kyocera solar panels projected to save over $65,000 annually   San Diego, Calif. (July 11, 2016) – The North County Fire Protection District (NCFPD or District) has powered up five separate fire stations and one maintenance facility in northern San Diego County to run entirely on solar electricity, with …

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